What Jane Saw – 200 years ago today

May 25, 2013
Joshua Reynolds, Aged 17, Self portrait

Joshua Reynolds, Aged 17, Self portrait (Public domain via Wikipedia)

JASA has just posted on Facebook a link to this What Jane Saw site: It’s a virtual reconstruction of the Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) exhibition, at the British Institution in Pall Mall, London, that Jane Austen saw on 24 May 1813 – 200 years ago today. The site has been put together by Janine Barchas (University of Texas, Austin – that’s AustIn not AustEn!!)  who spoke at a JASA meeting on the topic in February 2012.

In the About section of the site is a brief discussion of Jane Austen’s interest in art and her connection with the exhibition – known and surmised. There’s also a discussion about the historical accuracy of the site and the decisions its curators and designers took regarding recreating the exhibition and experience, virtually.

I’ve only had a quick look as I wanted to get this post to you … but it looks pretty lovely!