Who we are

Regency Feast 2009

JASACT Regency Feast 2009

JASACT is the blog of the Canberra group of the Jane Austen Society of Australia (JASA). We started meeting in 2001 when two members of the association, which is based in Sydney, decided to see if they could get a local group going. Armed with a list of JASA members with Canberra addresses, they started contacting people and so we were born.

We started by meeting in members’ homes on a rough rotational basis, but in 2009, growing somewhat out of that, we started meeting in the Friends Room of the National Library of Australia (and we are very grateful to the Friends for supporting us in this way).

Our main activities are:

  • monthly meetings comprising members discussions or other activities such as guest speakers
  • annual mid-winter Regency feast
  • annual Christmas-cum-Jane Austen birthday lunch
  • other ad hoc events as they occur (such as a movie or theatre outing)

We welcome new members: it is generally expected that new members will join JASA, but please come along and check us out.

If you would like to join JASA, please click here for the form.

If you would like to contact us, please email us at: jasact2001[AT]gmail[DOT]com (replacing the square brackets with the usual substitutions)

5 Responses to Who we are

  1. Thanks Adriana … we’ll add your group to our blogroll.

  2. Thanks!
    JASBRA’s website is http://www.jasbra.com.br

    JASBRA’s blog is http://www.janeaustenbrasil.com.br


  3. Thanks Adriana, I added one but not the other. Will add it now,

  4. Jon Lydon says:

    JASACT looks like a well organised and vibrant group.. I wonder if any of your members might be interested in a “Pride and Prejudice” sequel that my wife has just published on Amazon/ Kindle.. It is “Mrs Bennet’s Menopause” by Lucy Kate King.. She is an absolute Jane Austen fan and this whole project has been a labour of love. Good luck to your group… Jon Lydon

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