Past Schedules


Feb 18: Discuss Northanger Abbey up to Ch. 19
Mar 18: Discuss Northanger Abbey from Ch. 20 to the end
Apr 22: Discuss secondary sources on Northanger Abbey
May 20: Who advises Jane Austen’s heroines?
Jun 17: Discuss Jane Austen biographies
Jul 15: Wake for 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death (@ Bookplate, NLA)
Aug 19: Discuss Persuasion, Vol 1 (Ch. 1-12)
Sep 16: Discuss Persuasion, Vol 2 (Ch. 13-24)
Oct 21: Discuss secondary sources on Persuasion
Nov 18: Discuss Helena Kelly’s Jane Austen: The secret radical
Dec 16: Xmas lunch and Jane Austen birthday celebration (Muse, Kingston)


Feb 20: Discuss Austen’s History of England
Mar 19: Discuss Austen’s Bad Girls
Apr 16: Not held in lieu of attendance at JAFA
May 21: View and discuss The scandalous Lady W @ Anna’s
Jun 18: Moral absolutes in Austen’s novels: What are they?
Jul 16: Brothers in Jane Austen’s novels
Aug 20: Weather (and the pathetic fallacy) in Austen’s novels
Sep TBA: Visit to Tulip Top Farm (with a discussion of gardens in Austen) POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER
Oct 15: Money in Jane Austen: How much money is enough?
Nov 19: The Great Houses in Jane Austen’s novels
Dec 10: Jane Austen birthday-Christmas lunch (Garden Pavilions, Pialligo Estate)


Jan 17: Discuss the role of food in Austen’s novels
Feb 21: Slow read of Emma Vol. 1 (Chs 1-18)
Mar 21: Slow read of Emma Vol. 2 (Chs 19-36)
Apr 18: Not held in lieu of attendance at Jane Austen Festival of Australia (JAFA)
May 16: Slow read of Emma, Vol. 3 (Chs 37-55)
Jun 20: Discuss secondary source/s on Emma
Jul 18: Not held in lieu of attendance at JASA Weekend Conference in Canberra
Aug 15: Discuss The Austen Project (
Sep 19: Discuss Jane Austen’s use of letters in her novels
Oct 17: Discuss the role of gossip and rumour in Emma
Nov 21: What was Jane Austen really like?
Dec 12: Jane Austen birthday-Christmas lunch @ Bookplate (NLA)


Jan 18: Aylwen Gardiner-Garden on the Jane Austen Festival of Australia
Feb 15: Catharine, or the Bower
Mar 15: Servants in Jane Austen’s novels
Apr: Not held in lieu of Jane Austen Festival of Australia (JAFA), April 17-20.
May 17: Discuss JAFA experiences
Jun 21: Clergy in Jane Austen’s novels
Jul 19: Guest speaker: Ros Russell about her novel Maria returns: Barbados to Mansfield Park
Aug 16: Jane Austen’s Letters, 1815-1817
Sep 20: Military in Jane Austen’s novels
Oct 18: Lady Susan
Nov 15: Discuss the “vulgarians” (Brian Southam) in Austen’s novels
Dec 13: Christmas-Jane Austen Birthday lunch at The Green Herring


Jan 19: Anger in Jane Austen’s novels
Feb 16: Despair in Jane Austen’s novels
Mar 16: Cancelled
Apr 20: Lust/Desire in Jane Austen’s novels
May 18: Jane Austen’s letters, Nos. 1-28
Jun 15: Postponed
Jul 20: Pre-JASA conference discussion
Aug 16 (Note: Friday at 10am at the National Gallery): Self-led Group Tour of the Turner Exhibition
Sep 21: Envy/Jealousy in Jane Austen’s novels
Oct 19: Planning meeting
Nov 16 (Note: At Anna’s place): DVD viewing and discussion: Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball
Dec 14 at 1pm: Poachers Pantry


Jan 21: Discuss Vol. 1, Pride and prejudice
Feb 18: Discuss Vol. 2, Pride and prejudice
Mar 17: Discuss Vol. 3, Pride and prejudice
Apr 21: Discuss PD James’ Death comes to Pemberley
May 19: Discuss Jane Austen’s letters written 1801-1806
Jun 16: Discuss a secondary source on Pride and prejudice
Jul 21: Discuss Love and freindship
Aug 18: Discussion of older women in Pride and prejudice, with Dr Kate Mitchell (ANU) as guest attendee
Sep 15: Margaret Frey on the Literary Highlights of Southern England tour (led by Susannah Fullerton)
Oct 20: William Gilpin and the Picturesque, with particular reference to Pride and prejudice
Nov 17: Masculinity in Pride and prejudice, using Sarah’s PhD
Dec 15: Jane’s birthday and JASACT Xmas lunch: a Progressive Potluck in Hawker


Jan 15: Discuss Vol. 1, Sense and sensibility
Feb 19: Discuss Vol. 2, Sense and sensibility
Mar 19: Discuss Vol. 3, Sense and sensibility
Apr 16: Discuss Jane Austen’s letters, 1807 to 1809
May 21: Travels with Austen: Members share Austen-related travel experiences
Jun 18: Discuss a secondary source on Sense and sensibility
Jul 16: Discuss The Watsons, plus plan for the rest of 2011
Aug 20: Movie outing to see Jane Eyre
Sep 17: Discuss a Gothic novel, own choice
Oct 15: Discuss Northanger Abbey
Nov 19: Member Margaret’s report on the 2011 Country Weekend: Jane Austen and Architecture
Dec 17: Jane’s birthday lunch and 10th anniversary celebration @ private homes


Jan 30: Discuss Vol. 1, Mansfield Park
Feb 20: Discuss Vol. 2, Mansfield Park
Mar 20: Discuss Vol. 3, Mansfield Park
Apr 17: Discuss Jane Austen’s letters, 1811-1814
May 15: Brainstorm our JASA Conference Presentation
Jun 19: Discuss a secondary source on Mansfield Park
Jul 17: Brainstorm Regency quiz
Aug 21: Rehearse JASA Conference Presentation
Sep 18: MEETING CANCELLED due to September JASA Conference
Oct 16: Georgette Heyer revisited
Nov 20: Lovers’ vows viewing at Mary’s, and Chawton et al report from Anna
Dec 18: Jane’s birthday/Xmas lunch @ Podfood


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