JASACT participates at JAFA

Prepared by member Cheng

We are very proud of our member Marilyn, who kindly agreed to help JAFA (Jane Austen Festival Australia) by giving two classes in English Paper Piecing techniques. Marilyn is a skilled and enthusiastic quilter who, after undertaking extensive research into suitable fabrics and the right geometry for the “diamond-shaped” piece, has almost completed a stunning facsimile of the quilt that Jane and her sister Cassandra made.

Faced with tricky conditions on the opening Friday – the only space available was the unlit, unheated mezzanine balcony level of the hall – our intrepid member gamely persevered with her first class. On the Saturday, in a slightly warmer upstairs room with better lighting, she held the second class and was able to illustrate it with exquisite examples of quilting.

Both Marilyn and her students are to be congratulated on their dedication to their craft and we hope that next year we will see the finished quilts inspired by these workshops!


One Response to JASACT participates at JAFA

  1. marilyn Steven says:

    Dear Cheng This is overwhelming Thank you M

    Sent from my iPad


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