Jane Austen’s letters, 1796-1800, AND Meeting Reminder

Feather pen

(Courtesy: OCAL via clker.com)

Over the last couple of years we’ve been reading Jane Austen’s letters in sections, and for our May 2013 meeting we will be reading and discussing her very first letters, that is, the first that we have in published form, anyhow!

Here are the references two the two main editions:

  • Le Faye, Deirdre Jane Austen’s letters (New ed, 1995): No. 1 (9-10 January 1796) to No. 28 (30 November – 1 December 1800)
  • Chapman, RW Jane Austen’s letters, 1796-1817 (1955): No. 1 (9 January 1796, same as Le Faye’s no. 1) to No. 28 (30 November 1800, same as Le Faye’s no. 28)

The letters are also available online in e-text: click here to access them (Letters 1-18).

REMINDER: Our May meeting will be on Saturday May 18 at 1.30pm in the Friends’ Lounge of the National Library of Australia


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