Sense and sensibility: the volumes

For the first part of 2011 at least, JASACT plans to focus on Sense and sensibility to celebrate the 200th anniversary of its publication. As discussing the novel a volume at a time worked so well for Mansfield Park, we decided to try it again this year. As most modern editions do not present the book with the original three-volume arrangement, here is a guide to the original volume structure:

  • Volume 1: Chapters 1-22
  • Volume 2: Chapters 23-36
  • Volume 3: Chapters 37-50

And here are two sites that provide the original publication structure – as well as e-texts of the novel and other interesting Jane Austen info:


2 Responses to Sense and sensibility: the volumes

  1. Louise says:

    Ah, I’m not a member (mainly because sadly I don’t live in Canberra), but I too will have to try and read Sense and Sensibility next year in honour of the 200th anniversary. S&S is the only major work of Austen’s that I haven’t read as yet, and it would certainly be appropriate to read it in it’s bicentenary year.

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