Another Fanny defender

I have just come across a blog, Ripple Effects, in which the blogger Arti has written a passionate – but well-reasoned – defence of Fanny. You can read it online on her blog. This article was apparently also published in the Jane Austen Centre Online Magazine.

She makes great sense to me (as you all know!). Anyone care to comment?

4 Responses to Another Fanny defender

  1. jessiet1 says:

    Well said, Ati! Fanny is all that Arti says she is – though I would take exception to her comparison with Catherine Morland. Fanny may have been uneducated and naive at 10 but by the time she was Catherine’s age she had read widely and probably knew the Kings of England and the rivers of Europe by then, too! And, far from being naive she was a shrewd observer of what was going on around her.

    Part of Austen’s genius is her ability to create heroines all so very different from each other, placing them in different circumstances and then bringing them all to maturity.

    (Thanks Whispering Gums for bringing this to our notice.)

  2. Arti says:

    Hi Janeites of Canberra,

    It’s my pleasure to be linked up to you all from Western Canada! Ripple Effects is not strictly a Jane Austen blog, but there are more than 40 posts on Jane’s books, movies and TV adaptations, biographies and book reviews.

    What’s more, I’ll be heading to Bath, England for a re-visit next week so watch for posts on Bath coming up in September.

    And jessiet1, thanks for pointing out Fanny is a more well-read and mature character than Catherine Morland. And you’re right about Jane’s ingenuity in creating unconventional heroines.

    • We will … and may link to you again, if that’s ok with you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Bath, but several of our members have been there more recently.

      • Arti says:


        Yes, my post on Bath and Persuasion is up now on Ripple Effects. It’ll be my pleasure to be linked to you. And since as you mentioned some of your members have just recently visited Bath, it’ll be great to have their comments about that beautiful city.

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