July 2010 Meeting: Quiz preparation

Prepared by Cheng.

It was a top secret JASACT meeting that was held in the beautiful new Friends Lounge at the NLA on Saturday July 17th.

After admiring the design, particularly that of the spacious kitchen, the comfortable chairs and the view of the lake, the nine members present set immediately to work on selecting the questions for the Annual Conference Quiz. With enthusiasm and much laughter (or was it wicked glee?) a list was compiled that will tantalize, torment and tease! And no clues will be divulged in these minutes….except that the Conference theme is the Regency. Now there’s a hint for those savvy enough to read our blog!

What can be recorded was that we welcomed a new member to our group and received 2 apologies.

Appreciation was given to the five members who contributed their notes on secondary sources for Mansfield Park so promptly for the June meeting minutes.

Our indefatigable Quizmaster challenged us to one last quiz and then we had the usual round of quotes before the afternoon ended in high good humour.

The next meeting will be held on Saturday August 21st and will be devoted to a dry run of our Conference presentation.


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