Jane Austen at Normblog

I’ve recently discovered a blog called Normblog. It’s a wide-ranging blog in which, as well as writing himself, Norm Geras invites others (including academics, filmmakers, writers and other bloggers) to write on a range of topics.  When he realised my interest in Austen he pointed me to the rather goodly number of posts written by him and various of his guests on things Jane. You can read them  online at the blog.

There are too many to read at once and so, because we are currently doing Mansfield Park, I thought I’d start by reading teacher and writer Anne Stott on Mansfield Park. She explores a lot of the issues we’ve been talking about. She says some interesting things about Mary and Henry and suggests they show some capacity for change. And she concludes by arguing why Mansfield Park is worth reading again and again despite the fact that Fanny and Edmund are not Elizabeth and Darcy!

Anyhow, just thought I’d share some more grist for our mill!


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