Ten authors Austen fans should read

Examiner.com, whoever that is, has published in two parts a list of 10 authors that fans of Jane Austen should read. You can check the full articles out here and here, but in short the authors are:

What do you think? I’ve read some Pym, Gaskell and McCall Smith – and I’d rather like to read Stella Gibbons’ Cold comfort farm. (In fact, it’s available in those current cheap Penguin Classics, so now’s my/our chance).

Did you notice they don’t include Georgette Heyer?

Anyhow, I have my own ideas on the writers I think would (should!) appeal to Jane Austen fans, but do you?


4 Responses to Ten authors Austen fans should read

  1. Eleanor says:

    I would add two classics and one modern.
    1. Eaton Stannard Barrett – JA refers to reading his book The Heroine in her letters. It is sort of a parody on quixotic novels.
    2. Maria Edgeworth – A contemporary of JA – try Castle Rackrent
    3. Rubino (Jane) and Rubino-Bradway (Caitlin) – Their book Lady Vernon and Her Daughter is an adaptation of JAs Lady Susan – the best of all of the modern JA sequels and extensions of JAs works

  2. Thanks Eleanor for this. I have read Castle Rackrent – when our group decided to all read at least one JA contemporary. I have never read a sequel or extension – but maybe this is the one to read. I haven’t heard of it (or them) at all.

  3. mary collins says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Barbara Pym’s novels – blasphemy I know to some – but I urge you, if you haven’t done so already, to put ‘Cold comfort farm’ on your priority reading list.

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