Jane Austen’s letters and Mansfield Park

Posted now, in preparation for our meeting later this year on the letters Jane wrote while writing and publishing Mansfield Park.

According to a nice little writing and publication time-line produced by JASNA, Jane Austen started writing Mansfield Park in 1811 (the year, as we know, the Regency started) and was published in 1814.

Without getting into details about exactly which month she started writing, the letters which encompass these years are:

  • Le Faye, Deirdre Jane Austen’s letters (New ed, 1995): No. 70 (18 April 1811) to No. 116 (? December 1814)
  • Chapman, RW Jane Austen’s letters, 1796-1817 (1955): No. 69 (18 April 1811, same as Le Faye’s no. 70) to No. 106 (30 November 1814)

The discrepancy between the two is due to more letters being located since Chapman’s work, and some re-sequencing by Le Faye.

The letters are also available in e-text on-line. Click here to access them.

Note: When we read the letters relating to Emma, we started at the beginning of 1814 (Le Faye’s Letter No. 97 of 2 March 1814). However, as writing Emma overlapped with the publication of Mansfield Park and as many letters written in 1814 specifically mention its publication, it is probably worth re-discussing the letters of 1814.


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