And now for a bit of fun, Gnooks!

According to its Home Page, Gnooks is  “a self-adapting community system based on the gnod engine.” In it, they say, you can “discover new writers you will like, travel the map of literature and discuss your favorite books and authors”.

Try going to the Literature Map. Type in your favourite author, like, oh, just for the fun of it, Jane Austen – and check out the result. What you are supposed to get is a “map” of authors you are likely to like (given, that is, you like the author you typed in). The closer an author is on the map to the author you typed in, the more likely it is, they say, that you will like that author. The idea is that this might introduce you to some writers you haven’t read.  The Jane Austen map isn’t bad, as these things go. It “suggests” writers like the Brontes, Margaret Atwood, and Edith Wharton, though the “nearest” author by my reading of the map is Agatha Christie! Hmmm… What, I think the “map” doesn’t give enough weight to is Austen’s wit – though some witty writers do make the map. It appears to give more weight to subject matter – women, and more widely societal pressures – and geography than to the more abstract stylistic things. Still, Gnooks could be a fun thing to while away some time on a rainy afternoon or an insomniac night. Have a look…

Oh, and there are maps for Movies and Music as well.

(Thanks to ANZLitLovers for bringing this to my attention)


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