Reading Georgette Heyer

It’s fitting that we’re studying Mansfield Park, Jane Austen’s first ‘regency’ novel, as the weekend conference theme for this year is Jane Austen and the Regency.  However, I thought I’d share some ideas about other regency-inspired novels for those who’d like to supplement Mansfield Park with something a little lighter.

As many of you will know, Jennifer Kloester will be speaking on Georgette Heyer and regency culture at the September conference.  Jennifer published Georgette Heyer’s Regency World in 2005, and Random House will publish her new biography of Heyer later this year.  I was lucky enough to meet Jennifer at a conference on Popular Romance I attended in Brisbane last year.  She was a wonderful speaker, very vibrant and friendly, and will I think make a fantastic contribution to the conference.  I reluctantly admitted that I’d never read any Georgette Heyer novels and, once she’d recovered from the shock, she made the following suggestions as places to start:

  • Sylvester
  • Frederica – apparently there are many involving this character, and all of them are good
  • The Grand Sophy
  • The Unknown Ajax
  • Friday’s Child
  • Sprig Muslin

Has anyone else read these, or any other Heyer novels?  Which would you recommend?  I am planning to read a couple before the conference in the hope I will get more out of it.  Perhaps we could pick one or two as a group and read them together?


10 Responses to Reading Georgette Heyer

  1. Thanks for posting this, Sarah. I reckon I’ll just have to read Sprig Muslin … the title makes me think of Henry Tilney and his knowledge of fabrics and so how can I resist it?

    • Oh dear, that sounds a bit ambiguous doesn’t it? I meant that my first choice would be Sprig muslin, just because I love the title so much…LOL Instead of judging a book by its cover, I’m judging it by its title!

  2. Oh, I forgot your main question. Perhaps we could make our July meeting Heyer, and then August those doing the presentation at the conference could do a practice run? What do others think?

  3. jessiet1 says:

    I’m happy to read a Heyer – it will be my introduction to her, too, Sarah. My mother and brother were fans but listening to their discussions she never appealed to me and they didn’t like our Jane so how could I be attracted to Heyer!

  4. Mia says:

    I’ve just finished Georgette Heyer’s “A Civil Contract” (it mentions Mansfield Park). Another one to consider reading perhaps…

  5. Thanks Mia…sounds like one to read for our MP year! I have just ordered 2 Heyers … We’ll have to talk about whether we all choose a couple to read, or all read the same one (or two).

  6. luna81 says:

    My very favourite GH novel has always been “These Old Shades”; there is also a sequel called “The Devil’s Cub”. I was addicted to GH novels in my teens, but hadn’t read any for ages, until recently I read a “Civil Contract”, which is great, and “The Infamous Army”, Wellington, Waterloo and all that. Jessie you would probably like GH in small doses. I find after reading one or two I can’t wait to get back to JA.

  7. That makes sense to me, oh luna one! I mean, your sugestion of reading “lighter” fiction in small doses. However, I will wait until I read one to see if I agree!

  8. […] Heyer discussion will be carried out via the Blog (which already has a list of recommended titles here). Other recommendations include The Spanish Bride and The Infamous […]

    • sarahailwood says:

      Reading ‘Sprig Muslin’ – spoiler alert!

      (Sue I have just dumped this comment here because couldn’t figure out how to post it sensibly so feel free to move if you can)

      I have moved Sarah’s Comment to be a Post in it’s own right. (Sue)

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