How we started

Following the mention of both our names in the December 2000 Practicalities Jessie and Heather, both long-time members of JASA, met at Jessie’s home on Saturday,  21st January 2001 to share Jane-talk over a cup of tea. Jessie was deputed to contact another member, Jennifer, whose name had been mentioned in an earlier Practicalities to invite her to a second meeting held at Heather’s home on Thursday, 22nd February at 1.30 p.m.

Jennifer enthusiastically accepted and at that February meeting we had more tea and more Jane-talk – the novels and their social/historical milieu which has been the theme of most of JASACT’s meetings in the years since. Heather undertook to ask our parent group in Sydney to circularise other JASA members living in Canberra  to advise them of our next meeting held at Jessie’s home on Thursday, 29th March. At that meeting we met Mary, Tracy and Roslyn and we had  apologies  from two Jennifers and Judy.

Through family and work pressures and, in Judy’s case, a move from Canberra, not all these original members are still attending meetings but we have added new members to our ranks and we hope one day to see those of our originals who are still resident in Canberra back with us. Meanwhile we continue to discuss the novels and all things related to Our Jane – much to the puzzlement of our husbands, wives and friends. Oh, if they only knew what they are missing.


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